Donnerstag, 6. Februar 2014
Day for children and youth at AIC Kaptombes at 02.02.14
At the 2nd of February 2014 we were organizing a day for children and youngsters at the AIC Kaptombes.

We were inviting the members of all three dancing groups.

After the welcoming words of Robert every dancing group was presenting a dance. The first group was the dancing group of AIC Kaptombes,

after that the dancing group of AIC Tembererwe

and finally the dancing group of AIC Kapkuikui.

Pastor Symon Kertich from AIC Kapkuikui were speaking about „Culture and true faith”. How does culture fit to the Bible…

The youngsters were listening and in the breaks there was a lot of dancing and laughing.

At the same time Dani was making a program for the smaller children.

She was teaching about the China missionary called Hudson Taylor by playing a lot of funny games.

They were dancing together.

They were playing some funny games.

And they had a lot of fun together.

After the program was lunch for everybody.

Then we were tiding up everything and we went home.

It was the great day for the smaller and the larger ones!

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