Montag, 23. Juni 2014
Branch Service at AIC Chepkotoyan
At Pentecost we went for a branch service to Chepkotoyan which belongs to Sandai.

When we arrived there we saw many children and just a few grown ups. After speaking with the local pastor we decided to make a Sunday School program.

First we were singing some songs in English and Kiswahili, then I was telling them a Bible story and a young Sunday School teacher was interpreting me into Kalengjin.

After the teaching the children were asking me to sing more songs with them. And we started our children worship. Slowly by slowly one grown-up was coming after the other one. They were sitting between the children and participating with the singing.

After maybe half an hour the pastor was coming to start with the service officially. Many groups were coming to present some songs and even the dancing group of AIC Kapkuikui was there.

The Sunday School teachers were making a small show together with the children. They were presenting some songs and Bible verses.

A Bible School student was preaching about “Giving”. After lunch we went home in the late afternoon. It was a nice Pentecost.

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