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A Practical Time with Consequences...
After I was doing a six weeks course in Kiswahili in the South of Tanzania I came to Nakuru in April 2011. Here I got the possibility to get to know a Kenyan children´s home. I was living together with the children and I had the possibility to learn more about the Kenyan culture.

Also I was sharing a lot with a coworkers how to work among Kenyan children and youngsters.

But this practical time had also another consequence:
I got to know and I got to love a very handsome young man called Robert Samwel Kadala...

Robert was working at this children´s home as an educator and a music teacher. Also he was leading a few choirs and dancing groups at the AIC (Africa Inland Church) at Nakuru. He was also a devotional leader and responsible for the whole music program at the church.

Robert has a big desire to serve God through children. Especially orphans and street children are a burden on his heart. Everywhere he has a lot of older and younger friends and he is sharing with them. He likes to help others. He is a very happy and friendly person and the people like to have fellowship with him.

One day he was standing in front of me and he was singing: "There is non like you. Noone else can touch my heart like you do..." It was really touching my heart. After a few weeks I really realized how serious he was...

This Tanzanian man had stolen my heart and I was not longer able to stay without him...

The greatest wish of Robert is one day to visit a Bible school and to become a pastor of a small church. His former church was allowing him to preach several times to get more and more experience.

One day there was a street evangelism and I was just looking at Robert. He was the technical and the musician leader and he was managing everything. Everybody was coming to him to ask him thousands of questions but Robert was very friendly to all of them. When he was singing and dancing you could really see the big love he has for Jesus.

At this moment I realized that I was very proud that this great man is loving me! And that we want to live and to serve the LORD together for the rest of our lives.

In the midth of July 2011 my parents were coming to visit me. I was introducing Robert to them. In the beginning they were calling me crazy but later on they started to understand me and to love him also. I was very happy about that!!! For me that was a clear answer to my prayers and a sign that God agrees with our plans.

My parents were inviting Robert and me to attend a nice wedding at Dar es Salaam and to spend one week holidays at Sansibar. It was a fantastic time!!!

After Sansibar we came back to Dar es Salaam to meet together with a part of Robert´s family. According to Robert´s Sukuma culture (tribe of Robert) I had to cook for the whole family for two days.

After that my parents left Tanzania and Robert´s parents were inviting us to their homeplace at Mwanza in the North of Tanzania next to Lake Victoria.

Everybody was watching at me and as a good-bye gift Robert´s mum was giving me a kanga (a piece of cloth used like an apron). According to Robert´s culture this kanga was a sign that she was accepting me as her daughter in law.

Also this was a big answer of my prayers. Because if Robert´s family would have said "no" to me it would have been impossible for Robert to marry me. Thank to the LORD that his family was welcoming me to heartily!!!

In Mwanza Robert and me met also the pastor of his AIC and he agreed also to our wedding plans and also to our idea to become missionaries in East Africa.

After Robert got the "okay" from his family and his pastor on the 12th of September 2011 he was asking me if I would like to marry him. I agreed and as a surprise he put a little tiny ring on my right hand. I was very very happy!!!

In April 2012 Robert and me went by plane together to Germany. On the 11th of April was our offical wedding in the South of Germany (Bad Wildbad) and on the 14th of April was our church wedding at the International Baptist Church in Hamburg.

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First Experiences at Kapkuikui
After organizing everything in the first few days I started to teach CRE (Christian Religions Education) and maths in the Primary School at Kapkuikui.

For me as a German I was very happy that I was allowed to teach direct out from the Bible. In Germany most of the CRE teacher are not Christians and they teach more ethics and Biblical thoughts. Therefore here I was so happy to teach about Bible issues.

Now I was teaching about: "Why was Jesus dying?", "What is happening after death?", "What is eternal life?" and that really made me very happy!!!

Beside my teaching I spent a lot of time with the teachers. It was a great time of discussion and everyone was welcoming me very hearty.

In the back of the church there are a few rooms and at that time there were living two boys and six girls and I had a small room for myself.

While the smaller children were sleeping after lunch I used the time to prepare my lectures for the following day at school.

In the afternoon I was making a lot of arts with them and a mixed program like in a German nursery: learning numbers and colours, painting and drawing, playing games and so on. The children were very happy and we were laughing a lot.

In the early evening the older children were coming from school. Even those ones liked to make some arts like the smaller ones and we were creating together small table games out from coloured papers.

I was impressed how intensive those children were able to pray and how deep they could open their hearts before the LORD.

On Saturdays I took the possiblity to visit some church members at their homes to get to know each other much better.

Everywhere the people were welcoming me very heartily. But I realized how difficult it is to communicate with the women who every often don´t know any English and I knew just a few words in Kiswahili and absolutly no Kalenjin (the local tribe language).

But we were sitting together, holding hands and we were laughing together and it was a great fellowship...

Also for me it was very important to get to know the church as much as possible. Therefore on Friday evenings I went to a Bible study group for couples and on Sundays I visited the church service.

The Sundayschool teachers were inviting me very heartily to teach Sundayschool on Sundays what I was doing three times. Also here we had a great fellowship and the teachers enjoyed to work with me together.

Alltogether it was a very great time at Kapkuikui. I really felt at home from the very first moment. I had the deep desire to come back here as a missionary.

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A Jigsaw-Puzzle played in heaven...
Now it is true: I´m going to become a missionary!!!

This was a wish of mine for a very long time and many things happened... but now it is my view, that
God was making my life out from different parts of a jigsaw an now everythings fits together as a wonderful picture.

The first piece of the puzzle...
My grandma was telling me about Jesus. Because of her I became a christian when I was a small child. The greatest wish of her was that one of her children
will become a missionary one day...

The second piece of the puzzle...
Since I´m a youngster there is no greater thing for me than working among children and youngsters...

The third piece of the puzzle...
After finishing school God was calling me as a missionary. Therefore I started to study theology. After becoming also an educator I got experiences in being a headmaster of a nursery.

The forth piece of the puzzle...
2010 was my first time to come to Africa for holidays. I leant a lot about the life in East Africa and God gave me a big love for the Africans deep in my heart and in me grew a big desire to come back...

The fifth piece of the puzzle...
A mission agency was inviting me for a three weeks practical time in Kapkuikui (Kenya) and it was a very great time...

The sixth piece of the puzzle...
In spring 2011 I was sent as a missionary back to Kenya. Now the jogsaw puzzle is be completed to a nice picture. And I´m very happy because of that and now my life as a missionary has started...

Kenya, I´m coming....

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Meeting again at Kapkuikui...
After our wedding Robert and me were working for one year at a project in Tanzania. Meanwhile we became also missionaries with "Vereinigten Deutschen Missionshilfe" (VDM= United German Mission Support).

But in this project we were not able to working according our call. Therefore we spoke with VDM that we want to look for a new ministry in which we can evangelize children and youngsters.

Then I remembered my first call because of which I came to Kenya in 2010: Kapkuikui.

I was phoning to Kapkuikui and I asked if they are still interested in working with me. But now I would not come alone but together with my husband. The Sundayschool teacher was very happy about my phone call.

He spoke with the elders of the church and they were inviting us for an interview. When we arrived at Kapkuikui I felt like coming home. The children and the grown-ups on the road were rembering me and they shouted: "Dani is back!!!" It was amazing!!!

I have just been at Kapkuikui for three weeks and that was more than two years before and the children were still remembering me! And also the grown-ups!!!

At Sundayschool they were still singing the songs I was teaching them 2010. I was very happy and sooo amazed!!!

Also Robert was welcomed very heartily as my husband. During the service the pastor was introducing him to the church.

After the service there was a meeting with the elders of the church. Joshua, the chairman, was quoting
Psalm 118: 23+24:

"The Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes. The Lord has done it this very day; let us rejoice today and be glad."

When he was speaking to the church he said that he thought that it is the will of God that I´m coming back now to Kapkuikui together with my husband.

Two weeks later we came for a second visit to Kapkuikui. Robert was preaching. After the service somebody came to me and said: "Dani, you didn´t tell us that you were marrying a pastor...!"

Robert is feeling in Kapkuikui at home like I do... Therefore we are very happy that on this very day the elders decided to employee both of us.

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