Freitag, 22. März 2013
Our Mission in Kapkuikui
At the moment our main ministry is among children and youngsters. The church in Kapkuikui has a few local partner churches. We will work in all of them with three main issues:

1. Teaching Sundayschool and Sundayschool teachers
2. Street evangelism
3. Evangelism at local schools

In all partnerchurches there ist next to the service also Sundayschool mainly before the service.

Some places just have one teachers, others have two or three, but only a few of them have a good training and they just have a few materials. Therefore first we will visit those places and than we will see how he can help the best.

Also we want to teach the children new songs and on Saturday afternoons we want to take them out to the center to evangelize others together with the children in the different villages.

The Kenyan government is supporting evangelism at the school. Therefore we want to evangelize in the different local primary and secondary schools.

At the secondary schools the pupils like to watch movies. Therefore may be it is also a good possibility to show them Christian movies to evangelize them.

Secundary School (weiterführende Schule)
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im Nachbarort Loboi

Where and how we are going to work is still open. We first are going to visit them and to check what we can do. After that we will discuss with the elders what to do exactly...

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