Dienstag, 5. November 2013
Sunday School in Kiswahili
On the last Sunday I went again to AIC Kaptombes for the Sunday School.

After the local teacher were singing some Kalengjin songs and telling them a Bible story in Kalengjin,

I was taking over the Sunday School program. First we were singing some songs in Kiswahili.

Then I was showing them a coloured book called „The Little fearing sparrow“. I was teaching the story in Kiswahili. At home I prepared the story in Kiswahili and I was writing the complete story down. Now I was presenting it.

The children were exited listening. Later on I added some explanations in English and someone was translating me into Kalengjin.

The children told me that has been a very nice story and they said that they have understood my Kiswahili. I hope that was the truth and not only politely?!

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Mittwoch, 4. September 2013
Sunday School at AIC Kaptombes
Also at AIC Kaptombes there is a Sunday School which take place before the Sunday Service.

They are 20 to 30 children attending the Sunday School. The children are singing together in Kalengjin and Kiswahili. After that they are listening to a Bible story.

There are three teachers, but two of them are going to the Secundary School and are only around during their own holidays.

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