Samstag, 9. August 2014
Sunday School at AIC Tembererwe
After a long period I was attending the Sunday School at Tembererwe at the 3rd of August 2014. Meanwhile the number of children was increasing from 50 to 65.

The young teachers are structuring the Sunday School very nicely.

After some songs they are memorizing Bible verses.

After that someone is telling a Bible story.

Finally they are singing and praying.

After the Sunday School we were playing with the children.

The older children were playing football.

And I was palying some games with the little ones.

The children were very happy and stayed for the service.

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Mittwoch, 5. Februar 2014
Sunday School at AIC Tembererwe at 26.01.14
In the end of January we went again to the AIC Tembererwe.

Every time it is amazing to see the Sunday School over there.

The young teachers have a lot of nice ideas for the program with a lot of different songs.

Also they are memorizing Bible verses and prayers with the children.

They encourage also the children to give testimony.

If you look at the children they really enjoy the Sunday School.

You will find more pictures about the Sunday School at AIC Tembererwe under

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Mittwoch, 30. Oktober 2013
Sunday School at AIC Tembererwe
On the 27th of October 2013 was the first possibility for me to visit the Sunday School at AIC Tembererwe.

The church is in a very lonely area. The school is left empty and now the AIC Tembererwe is using the school. Therefore it is amazing that almost 50 children are coming for Sunday School.

They have two rooms and therefore they are separating the children in two groups according to the age. There are children between two and thirteen years.

At AIC Tembererwe there are eight Sunday School teachers who are changing every week. The teachers are pupils by themselves from standard six up.

But the teachers are very high motivated and they are caring for the children even during the service.

In the beginning the children were singing some worship songs in Kalengjin.

After that one teacher was teaching about Abraham.

After a prayer I got the opportunity to tell a mission story to the children and somebody was translating me into Kalengjin.

The children were listening very interested.

After the official Sunday School I was talking with one teacher.

After that I played some games with the children.

The children were very happy and enjoyed the games a lot.

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