Montag, 23. Juni 2014
PPI at Kapkuikui Nursery School
When the headteacher of Kapkuikui Primary School heard that we were teaching now also at the Sandai Nursery school, he was asking us to teach also at the Kapkuikui Nursery School. Therefore since the 6th of June 2014 we are teaching weekly here also.

At the nursery School at Kapkuikui all the children are Endorois-Kalengjin and most of the time the program at the nursery school is in Kalengjin. Therefore one teacher is interpreting me always when I´m leading the program.

The children are so happy to join the PPI. They are listening very carefully and they enjoy to colour the pictures.

Because I by myself became a born again Christian when I was a nursery child therefore I´m so happy to have the opportunity to teach the Bible to those children from the early childhood on.

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