Montag, 23. Juni 2014
PPI at Poi Nursery School
During our time at Germany there was a new nursery founded at Poi. Poi is located almost 5 km far from Kapkuikui on the top of a mountain behind Kaptombes.

At the first time when I came here the children were welcoming me very heartily because they knew me from the Sunday School at Poi.

Two teachers are teaching almost 30 children in two age groups. The children are all Kalengjin, therefore one teacher is interpreting me always into Kalengjin.

The buiding is new and there are still some things missing. The children are sitting on some pieces of woof direct on the floor. But the children are used to that and they are very happy about the program.

When I came here for the first time I saw a small boy who has hurt his foot. I took the first aid kit out from the car to care for him.

Three times the boys are coming to our homeplace for changing the bandage. Now he is not coming anymore. I´m really in worry abot his leg… but I can not do anything. I cannot force him to come… The only thing I can do is to lay him and his leg into the arms in God in prayer. And I want to ask you also to join my praying that God is able to heal him… Thank you.

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