Samstag, 9. August 2014
We have found a Sunday School Teacher for Ngarie!
The former Sunday School Teacher of Ngarie has finished her studies and came back home.

Even she found a new job very close from September on… so she is able to continue teaching the Sunday School at Ngarie.

Many thanks for all your prayers!

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Montag, 23. Juni 2014
Wanted: Sunday School Teacher for Ngarie!!!
Since a long time I went to the Sunday School at Ngarie on the 1st of June 2014. Every Sunday almost 20 children are coming here together to praise the Lord and to pray together, even when there is no teacher for almost one year now!

But those children are so faithful. They have fellowship every Sunday. Someone is using a water canister as a drum and they are singing.

The children are even giving their offering and then we are going home.

Please help me to pray for a Sunday School teacher for them!!! Thanks a lot!

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Mittwoch, 23. Oktober 2013
Sunday School in Ngarie
Ngarie is a part of Kapkuikui. After walking a bit you have to climb a mountain and on the top you will find Ngarie.

The people of Ngarie are living in houses of iron sheet or in huts. Some are collecting rain water, but all other items you have to carry up the hill.

Also here are living many children. Last Sunday I went there to teach Sunday School.

The children were very happy to see me.

First we were singing some songs in Kalengjin, Kiswahili and English.

After that I was telling them a mission story. A ten years old boy were translating me into Kalengjin. The children were listening very interested to my story.

After a prayer we played a few games together and had a lot of fun.

Before someone was teaching Sunday School regularly here. But now she went to get a further training and she moves from here.

Please pray for the children in Nagrie that we can find someone who is willing to teach those children regularly. Thank you.

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