Montag, 23. Juni 2014
The Sunday School at Tireon found a new home
During the burial at Po I met the owner of the Nursery School at Tireon and we spoke about our PPI. I was telling him also that there is a Sunday School meeting just a few meters far from his school. Almost 20 children are meeting there under a tree every week.

I asked him if the Sunday School is allowed to use the school during their meetings and he agreed. Therefore from now on the Sunday School at Tireon has a new homeplace.

To inform the children and the teachers I went to Tireon at the 8th of June 2014. Everybody was very happy about this idea!

After that I was teaching Sunday School about the “Good Samaritan“ and we were singing some songs. It was a nice fellowship.

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Dienstag, 17. Dezember 2013
Sunday School at Kapkuikui-Tireon
At the 15.12.13 it was my first time to visit the Sunday School at Tireon. Tireon belongs to Kapkuikui but it´s almost 5 km far from Kapkuikui center.

There are almost 40 children at Sunday School at Tireon. But on this Sunday there was a mot of rain and my car was sticking in the mud. Because of four wheel drive I became free. But many children stayed at home because of the weather.

Nevertheless 18 children were coming for Sunday School. The children are meeting under a tree. From some sticks they have made themselves some seats that they don´t need to sit in the mud if there is some rain.

First they were singing some songs in Kalengjin and Kiswahili. One girl was playing the “drums” by using a water canister.

After the singing one child after the other came in front to quote a Bible verse.

After that a teacher was asking the children for the Bible verse which they have learnt last week.

Here at the Sunday School memorizing Bible verses it is a fix part of the program.

Afterwards it was me singing some songs with the children and telling them a story: “You don´t need to fear – God is with you!” That was the message of this Sunday.

Finally one boy was collecting the offerings.

Then everybody said Good-Bye. The children were very happy about my visit.

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