Sonntag, 19. Januar 2014
Sunday School at Tuwetje
On the 19th of January 2014 it was our first time to visit the Sunday School at Tuwetje. Tuwetje belongs also to AIC Kapkuikui. It is 4 km far from Kaptombes on a mountain. The place is very lonely, but still you can find here many children.

30 children belong to Sunday School at Tuwetje and they have two teachers.

But today just 18 children were coming. Every child was sitting on a stone in midth of the sunshine.

The teacher of today is 14 years old and since two years now she is teaching Sunday School.

First they were singing some worship songs in Kalengjin and one boy was playing the “drums” by using a water canister.

After that the teacher was telling the story about Job.

Then some children gave testimony.

After all they were quoting Bible verses. It was amazing that the small ones and the older ones were both able to memorize the verses.

Then it was my term to sing two songs in Kiswahili with them. First the children were very shy but finally they were exited to sing those songs.

I asked them about Job and afterwards I was telling them a mission story. We learnt that God is answering all our prayers and that we can ask him any time.

After the lesson Robert was praying. Then they were collecting the offerings.

Finally they were singing a last song and everybody said goodbye.

The children and also the teacher were very happy to meet us and they were very heartily saying goodbye, too.

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