Montag, 10. Februar 2014
Branchservice at AIC Maji Ndege (Loboi)
There was a branch service at AIC Maji Ndege (Loboi) at the 10th of February 2014.

A few AICs came to celebrate a service together.

The choir of AIC Sandai were presenting some songs.

Also the dancing group of AIC Kapkuikui

and the dancing group of AIC Kaptombes were dancing.

Some speakers were preaching.

It was a nice fellowship.

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Montag, 14. Oktober 2013
Branch Service at AIC Loboi
On the 13th of October 2013 all AIC churches from our branch were meeting for a service at AIC Loboi. The Kalengjin are calling this place “Maji Ndege”, place of waterbirds, because Loboi is very close to lake Bogoria with its millions of flamingos.

To elders of the AIC Loboi were leading the service.

After the welcoming we were singing some songs together.

Afterwards the dancing group of AIC Kapkuikui were presenting a new dance.

then the women were singing,

after that the men were singing

and finally the youth were singing two songs.

After the worship pastor Symon from Kapkuikui were preaching.

Then the choir of AIC Sandai were singing,

and then it was the first time also the dancing group of AIC Kaptombes were presenting a dance.

and finally the two AIC dancing groups of Kapkuikui and Kaptombes were dancing together.

After the service was finished we shared lunch and everybody went home.

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Mittwoch, 4. September 2013
Dancing Group at a Wedding at AIC Loboi
On the 31st of August 2013 there was a weeding at the AIC Loboi.

The couple was inviting the dancing group of the AIC Kapkuikui for making the music program on the wedding.

After the wedding ceremony they have presented some dances.

It was the first time that the dancing group was invited for an official event apart from Sunday services.

Everybody was very happy about this opportunity.

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