Mittwoch, 30. Oktober 2013
Sunday Service at AIC Tembererwe
On the 27th of October 2013 we went together with eight dancers from AIC Kapkuikui to Tembererwe to visit the service there. For me it was the first service at AIC Tembererwe.

Three ladies, one young man and almost 50 children and youngsters were attending the service.

In the beginning we were singing some worship songs.

After that the Sunday School children were presenting some songs and dances.

Also the eight dancers of AIC Kapkuikui were presenting a dance.

After that one of the ladies were preaching in Kalengjin.

Because the children of Tembererwe were so exited about the Kapkuikui dancers they were joining the next song and they were dancing together. It was a great fun for them.

After the service we were tiding up everything.

At the moment when we were already sitting in the car to drive home we got to know that there was a snake in the room where they have been no service. Almost ten children took a piece of iron sheet and pushed it on the floor. Then they were jumping on it till they knew that they have killed the snake.

For the children it was a „normal situation“. For me it was protection of the Lord. It would have been possible also that the snake would have come to one of the windows during the service … and we were all sitting next to the open windows… and the snake would have been able to bite one or a few of us… But God was keeping his protecting arms around us and he took care for each one of us… and nothing was happening… Praise the Lord!

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Sonntag, 15. September 2013
Dancing Group was escorting Robert to Tembererwe
On the 15th of September 2013 Robert went to AIC Tembererwe. But he didn´t go alone he took 16 dancers of Kapkuikui with him.

Tembererwe belongs also to our church district. AIC Tembererwe is using an iron sheet house as a church. They have only a few chairs. Most of the church members are sitting direct on pieces of wood.

Before the service the dancing group was practising outside.

Then the service started. In the beginning the dancing group were presenting some dances.

A lady gave testimony.

The Sunday School children were presenting a song.

After that Robert was preaching about John 3:16.

Afterwards they were singing some songs with the church.

The church was very happy about the visitors from Kapkuikui.

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