Montag, 23. Juni 2014
PPI at Tireon Nursery School
On the main road to Marigat there is a small nursery. The house is nice coloured.

A young lady teacher is teaching 15 to 20 children in different age groups but in one classroom.

Since the 5th of June 2014 we are also doing the PPI here. When we were coming for the first time I left the car and all the children were crying and running away. They feared the strange white lady…

After a few moments a father came with all the children holding his hands. We explained him they we had come for the PPI and then he was welcoming us very heartily.

Because the teacher was not yet around we was helping me by interpreting the Bible story into Kalengjin. During the lesson the teacher arrived. On that day I spoke about creation.

During the Bible lesson the children were looking at me with great eyes, but when I gave them the pictures and the coloured pencils they started to laugh and very happy. Now they didn´t fear anymore… and I was not longer a stranger…

After the children had coloured the pictures the teacher was amazing for me. She went to the blackboard and ask the children: “What was God making?” One child after the other was answering and she was colouring all the answers on the blackboard. There were animals, plants, people… etc.

I was so happy to see this amazing teacher! Please pray especially for this nursery. It is so great to be here!!!

Actually now things have changed completely: Because we are coming now regularly the children know our car. And at any time when we are passing in direction to Marigat the children are happy and greeting us when they see our car… nobody is running away anymore… It´s the opposite: When I stop the car the children are running to us to welcome us! That´s so nice…

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