Donnerstag, 12. September 2013
Wedding of the Pastor of AIC Kapkuikui
At the 7th of September Angeline weds Symon, the pastor of AIC Kapkuikui.

Robert was a member of the wedding commitee and he was responsible for the decoration of the church and for the music program.

Also the choir of the AIC Sandai were presenting some songs during the service.

The wedding ceremony was done by an AIC referent.

A second AIC referent was preaching.

Also the dancing group of AIC Kapkuikui was in action.

Some dancers were bride´s maid and were escorting the bride.

During the wedding ceremony the dancing group were dancing on both sides of the bride couple.

After the service the dancing group was serving the food to the visitors,

they helped by washing hands and did much more…

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Montag, 12. August 2013
Branch Service at AIC Kapkuikui
At the 11th of August 2013 there was a branch service at AIC Kapkuikui.

From each church a group was singing at least one song.

Also the Secundary School of Loboi was coming.

The new youth choir was presenting a song…

the drama group was playing the story of Bartimaeus…

and also the dancing group was dancing.

The service started at 11 a.m. and was ending at 3 p.m.

After lunch the people went home.

Also in the children care there were a lot of visitors.

It was a very nice Sunday.

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Dienstag, 7. Mai 2013
Worship at AIC Kapkuikui
The AIC Kapkuikui like music. On every Sunday there are people coming in front to present songs to the church. Those people are not a choir. In the beginning the youngsters are coming in front and there are ask to sing a song or to give a testimony.

After that the ladies of the church are coming in front and present a song. But it is not a must… the ladies really like to do it…

after that the men are following…

After that the couples…

Now Robert wants to start a worship team which is leading the church into worship at the beginning of the service.

On the last Sunday it was the first time when he was opening the service together with a few youngsters by singing worship songs in Kiswahili.

The church was very happy about that and everybody really enjoyed to worship our Lord when Robert was acting as a worship leader.

More pictures you can find in our photoblog under

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Night Prayer at AIC Kapkuikui
On 3rd of May 2013 there was a prayer night in the AIC Kapkuikui. Mostly the youngsters of the church were involved in the program. They were a lot of singing and prayers.

A pastor from a neighbour church was preaching.

There were a lot of singing and also testimonies.

From 7:30 p.m. till 8 a.m. you could listen to the Christian music.

Robert was involved in the technique part.

Everybody said it was a very wonderful night.

You can find more pictures of the prayer night in our photoblog. Click here:

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Mittwoch, 1. Mai 2013
The first two weeks
Now we are here for almost two weeks. The house was totally dirty and still there is a lot to do… the most worst thing for me was that the net in front of the windows were spoilt and in the evening the dining table was overfilled with different kind of insects… we took a fly catcher and it was full after half an hour with flies, beetles and other insects…

Now Robert was able to renew all the nets and consequently we are closing the windows and doors as soon as it become dark and now we have only a small amoung of insects left… Blessed be the Lord…

Yesterday I was unpacking the last box and now we have to clean everything nicely and to hang the pictures, then we are through…

In the last two weeks we got a lot of visitors and were interrupted a lot… but we had many good conversations and the children and youngsters were coming to play games and to watch movies… because there are holidays at the moment…

Robert has started to show Bible movies in the evenings and even when we are just using our small television ort he laptop, every evening 30 to 40 people – young and old – are coming to watch movies like Abraham, Jacob, Joseph and Mose…

Two times we had a meeting with the chiefs of the villages around Kapkuikui.

This morning they were reporting us about the situation of three orphans. Their dad was dieing three years ago and their mum half a year ago. A relative was caring for them in her house and the chiefs organized the renewing of their house and they bought beds for the children…

The day before yesterday the relative pushed the children out from her house and the children went to her former home… but the hut was not there anymore… a neighbour took the children in her home and started to care for them… World Vision takes care for food…
the youngest child, a boy with 5 or 6 years, is infected with HIV like his mum was… and he gets medicine for free from the government… his siblings are two girls in the age of 8 to 9 and 12 to 13…

First both parents were dieing and now the only relative they have is pushing them away… and now their former neighbour is caring for them who is infected with HIV also… What is going on when this woman will die…? It is the pity that for now we don´t have the means to build a orphanage here to give those children a real home in which they can live and don´t need to look for another place for living anymore…

Please pray for those children together with me…

On the 7th of May the school will open again. Till then we still want to repair a lot of things and try to get a new - used - car for us in Nairobi… before we can really start our ministry…

More pictures of the holiday program you will find in our photoblog.

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Our Arrival at Kapkuikui
Finally we could move at the 10th of April. After a journey of 23 hours we arrived at 9 a.m. at Kapkuikui. And I could hardly believe my eyes: 10 youngsters were coming to help and almost 30 children, two pastors, church elders and the chief. Everybody was welcoming us very heartily and then they unloaded the lorry and everything was in front of the church.

After unloading they asked us to come to the church for an offical welcoming: First one pastor was greeting us, then the church elder and the chief and at least the second pastor… I thanked all of them very heartily and then we spoke about the next steps of organizing our movement…

At 2 p.m. everything – the furnitures and all the boxes – were in our new home. I was sitting outside with the youngsters and I was talking with them when Peter (Sunday School chairman of Kapkuikui) was coming and tellings us that his wife was cooking for ALL OF US… and therefore we went to Peters homeplace and his wife Christin was welcoming almost 50 people!!!

After lunch Robert went home with a few youngsters to watch choir movies from his home town Mwanza… while I was taking with the two pastors… finally a youngster was escorting me home. On the way he told me: “Dani, we were waiting for you such a long time and we are so happy that you are finally here now!!! We have prayed for you to come here…”

Dann hatte ich endlich Zeit mich aus dem Eimer zu duschen, denn die Wasserpumpe muss erst repariert werden, ich legte mich dann für ca. 30 Minuten hin, aber inzwischen war es schon 18 Uhr und ich dachte daran, dass noch nichts in der Küche ausgepackt ist und ich vielleicht damit anfangen sollte, um für uns zu kochen…

Then I had the time to shower out from a bucket, because the water pump needs to be repaired first. Then I went to bed for 30 minutes, but it was already 6 p.m. and nothing was unpacked in the kitchen and I was thinking of cooking for us…

Almost five youngsters were still watching choir movies with Robert and then Peter was coming… then they got the idea to show the Jesus Movie in Kiswahili in the church… and because we don´t have a projector they brought our small television and the DVD machine to the church and almost 30 children, youngsters and grown-ups were coming to watch the movie at our small tiny television. But they were sooo happy to watch the movie…

Meanwhile I continued unpacking the kitchen boxes and then Peter said after the movie we were invited for supper at his place… I was so thankful but the pain in my left foot was so big that I was not able to manage the way on this day…

Therefore I was eating “eggs sunny side up” with another youngster and we were talking and talking… When Robert came back we brought milk for breakfast and chapati (African pancakes) which Christin were making for us… Some youngsters were still watching music clips with Robert…

Then Robert came and told me that tweo youngsters are going to sleep on a matraze at the guest room because the bed was not yet build… That were our last one and a half day…

For me it is phantastic to see with which love the people here are welcoming us… and that the wife of the Sunday School chairman is preparing food for 50 people!!! That was a gift of the LORD…

Here in our new house is still a lot of work to do… but one step after the other… but never ever I was welcomed with so much love than here!!!

More pictures you will find in our photoblog.

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