Samstag, 23. März 2013
How can I help?
1. You can pray for us.

2. You can send us encouraging mails. It´s nice to hear always news from friends and family members.

3. You can subscribe our prayerletter via e-mail or mail. Please sent us a mail and then you will receive our prayerletter almost reguarly every two month.

4. You can tell others about us that our ministry will get more famous.

5. You can support us and our ministry:

Vereinigte Deutsche Missionshilfe e.V.
Volksbank Syke
IBAN: DE33 2916 7624 0012 5776 00
BLZ 291 676 24, Account-Nr.: 12 577 600

Payment description:
AC299000 Family Kadala or
AC299400 Car for Family Kadala

It doesn´t matter what you will do:

Thank you so much for your help!!!
The LORD may bless you!

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