Montag, 23. Juni 2014
PPI at Sandai Nursery School
Since January 2014 we are doing the pastoral program (PPI) at the Hillview Academy in Sandai, that is a private primary school. Apart from the school there is also a Nursery School.

When we started the PPI at the school the nursery teacher was asking us to make also a program for the little ones. Therefore we have started to teach also at Nursery Schools.

The nursery children are happy that we are now doing a program for them also.

First we are singing some English action songs which the children really enjoy.

After that we are teaching a Bible lesson. At Sandai the children are coming from different tribes therefore the children are used to Kiswahili. Therefore Dani is doing the teaching for them in Kiswahili. Every week she is meeting with her language teacher to prepare the lesson and to make a coloured book about every lesson. Till now we spoke about creation, Noah, Abraham, Jacob and Esau etc.

After the Bible story we are praying and colouring a picture according to the lesson. Because the children are not used to have coloured pencils therefore they really enjoy to colour these pictures.

It is a great fun to teach those little ones.

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