Montag, 23. Juni 2014
Wanted!!! Sunday School Teacher for Children Care at AIC Kapkuikui
Still there is a children care for the nursery children during the preaching at AIC Kapkuikui. It´s a pity, but there is only a program if we are attending the service at AIC Kapkuikui…

Very urgent we are looking for someone who is willing to teach the 30 to 40 nursery children. Two youngsters are assisting me always, but they don´t feel able to do a program on their own when I´m not around.

Please pray with me for someone who is willing to teach thise little ones! Thanks a lot.

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Dienstag, 5. November 2013
Pray for a new Leader for the Children`s Care at Kapkuikui
Because of our ministry outside of Kapkuikui the children care during the service at AIC Kapkuikui takes place only once a month when I am around. Because the young helpers are students in standard V and VI and they need someone guiding them.

Therefore please pray for someone who will lead the children´s Care. The best solution would be some mothers who are willing to change regularly. Thanks a lot.

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Montag, 5. August 2013
„Young Helpers“ at the Children´s Care
During the sermon there is a children´s care at AIC Kapkuikui.

Because the little ones are not able to understand Dani´s English, therefore the older children started to help with the program.

First they are telling a Bible story,

after that we are praying together,

and after that we play different games.

So the older children get the possiblity to collect some experience in teaching children.

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Dienstag, 7. Mai 2013
Children´s Care during the Sermon at AIC Kapkuikui
In Kapkuikui they are used to teach Sunday School before the service, because on the one hand they are using the same room like the church. On the other hand while the children are in Sundayschool the parents are looking for the animals and later on they are changing: while the parents are in church the children are looking for the animals…

But still there are a lot of small children who are carried by their mums or older siblings to the service.

On last Sunday we have started a Children´s Care for small children till standard two during the sermon.

The children are singing and praying together with the grown-ups in the church. But when the sermon is starting they are going to another room in the church and they are listening to a short Bible story on their level.

Also there is a lot of time for playing, painting and doing arts…

Last Sunday we have started by teaching them about God making the earth by using a coloured book.

The youngsters were helping me to care for the children and they showed the coloured book to the children.

After that we were painting and playing different games. Finally the youngsters had the same fun like the smaller ones.

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